If you blow or draw on a C-major harmonica you can only play the C-major scale tones: c, d, e, f, g, a b, c) , thus your performance will be rather limited.

To produce the missing half tones (d-flat, e-flat, g-flat, and so on) you have to exhale or inhale in a special way. This technic is called bending .

Lets give it a try – whilst drawing in on hole 4, touch the tip of your tongue on your lower teeth, then, pull it back slowly as if you were whistling. This would be similair to
saying “eeeuuuuuuuuu” or sucking juice through a straw (beer will do just as fine).

– there is no need to inhale too hard, just pay attention so the harmonica is held properly (don’t play with the edge of your lips)

Draw bend is represented by:

and blow bend is represented by: